Join Us In Transforming Healthcare

eLuminate Health is a leader in transforming healthcare. Our vision is to create a more sustainable healthcare system, and we welcome partners who share this passion to join with us.

Partner with eLuminate Health to streamline your billing costs

Health Benefit Plan Consultants and Brokers

eLuminate Health gives you and your firm the opportunity to present an exciting and innovative new solution to your clients and their members.

Plan Administrators, and Plans

Whether you are a TPA, ASO, co-op or managing a fully-insured product, integrating with eLuminate Health allows you to provide better value to your health plan members.

Employer On-Site Health & Wellness Providers and Accountable Care Organizations

Integrating with eLuminate Health gives you the necessary information to make the right referral choices for diagnostic imaging and surgical care.

Pre-Authorization and Care Management Providers

You help your clients manage what their members need, and when they need it. We seamlessly integrate with pre-authorization and care management services to help consumers know who their provider should be.

Consumer Driven Health Plan Solutions

eLuminate Health integrates with a wide variety of solution providers that deliver more satisfying experiences with Consumer Driven Health Plans. Some of these include: Health Savings Account Managers, Flexible Spending Account Managers, No Interest Loan Plans, and Payroll Managers.

Partnering with eLuminate Health
Partner with eLuminate Health for their innovative scheduling and registration tools

Clinical Quality

eLuminate Health supports organizations that develop meaningful and unique clinical quality information about physicians and facilities. We build our platform with experienced partners who are passionate about creating unparalleled clinical quality insights.

Employee Benefit Portals and Personal Health Records

eLuminate Health boosts the value of your secure solution by delivering timely and relevant price, quality, and customer satisfaction information, as well as enabling additional consumer-friendly features.

Practice Management Systems

eLuminate Health enhances the value of your solution with our innovative scheduling and registration tools. Integration with eLuminate Health allows you to provide your clients with stronger operating efficiencies and revenue opportunities.