Empowering Providers, Consumers and Health Plan Administrators

eLuminate Health offers a better way. Our healthcare marketplace is fully integrated into the health plan to offer employers, consumers, and providers, with an empowering way to connect.

Health Plan Members benefit.

eLuminate Health integrates with the health plan by sending plan members easy to use quality and pricing information, allowing members to make informed choices and schedule their upcoming procedure.

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Providers benefit.

eLuminate Health gives an opportunity to attract more volume, and our health plan integration design facilitates quick and full payments from payers and health plan members.

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Employers benefit.

eLuminate Health fosters price and quality competition for your costliest and most common healthcare procedures.

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Health care administrators benefit.

eLuminate Health’s bundled pricing and claims transaction system integrates seamlessly into your administrative process for enhanced client satisfaction.

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Health Plan Members benefit

Health care is an intensely personal issue, but too often, consumers are treated as passive recipients, rather than active participants in decisions regarding their own health

  • We integrate with the health plan to know when a health plan member needs information about an upcoming procedure and provide information about their options and out-of-pocket expenses.
  • We provide clear and transparent information on providers’ prices, availability, and quality reviews, so that the health plan member can choose their provider based on their preferences.
  • We streamline financial processes between the consumer and insurer and provider to eliminate confusion. We also participate in a wide variety of automated payment options, including health savings/flex spending account deductions, credit/debit card payments, payroll deductions, and interest free financing for qualified individuals.

  • Providers benefit

    Imaging and surgery providers – both physicians and facilities – seek ways to attract more consumers. In particular, independent imaging and surgery centers, which are often more reasonably priced and provide high quality, are loosing volume due to primary care consolidation into large integrated health systems.

    eLuminate Health enables providers to compete for more volume. Here’s how:

    Employers benefit

    Health benefit costs have increased 25% over the past decade. This, along with economic pressure on U.S. companies’ revenues and operating efficiencies, has pushed employers to shift an increasing percentage of the total health plan expense to their employees and restrict member choice.

    According to a study by the Society of Human Resource Management, 63% of employees view health care benefits as a “very important” part of their overall job satisfaction, and yet only 27% of employees are “very satisfied” with their overall benefits package.

    eLuminate Health gives employers a way to maximize value for their health care investments. Here’s how:

    Health Plan administrators benefit

    Consumer engagement in healthcare is on the rise. Changes in benefit plan designs are increasing consumers’ financial alignment and responsibility. Health plan sponsors and administrators need to arm their health plan members with tools to be smart consumers – and tools that enhance their experience.

    eLuminate Health provides the innovative solution for Health Plan Administrators to give employers and health plan members that want and expect to make informed choices. Here’s how: